Baby Animal Pictures

When baby animal pictures time rolls around every year in Africa, it's one of the best times to be on safari. There is something magical about seeing all the new arrivals as they start taking their first tentative steps towards adulthood.

And each one seems to be cuter than the next. Well, most of them anyway. Have you ever seen a baby wildebeest? Some animal babies only a mother could love.

But the wildebeest foaling time when an estimated 400 000 babies are born during a six week period on the Serengeti plains has to rank as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world even though they don't make the most attractive photography subjects.

So which of the baby animal pictures below would you rank as the cutest? Take your pick...

Cheetah Cubs


This photo was taken at the Selinda reserve in the Okavango Delta Botswana. There are normally three to five cubs born in a litter and they prove to be a handful for their mom because they are very curious and playful.

Baby Vervet Monkey


I think that in terms of playfulness the baby monkey must take first prize. They are never still, always wrestling with their siblings, running and jumping, except when they are riding piggyback on their mothers backs.

Lion Cubs


Lion cubs lead a very hard life and many of them struggle to survive. When the male lion loses control of the pride which happens about every 2 - 3 years they will be killed by the new pride leader unless they are old enough to defend themselves.

Baby Elephant


Baby elephants have a lot more going for them because they have the formidable backup of a four ton mother and a number of equally large aunts who can be pretty aggressive in protecting their young so their survival rate is reasonably good.

Leopard Cubs


If you ever get wild animal baby pictures of leopard on safari consider yourself extremely lucky. The mother leopard prefers to keep the cubs hidden as much as possible because they are vulnerable to predators especially when she goes on a hunting foray.

Baby Chimpanzee


In rare cases twin baby chimpanzee are born but mostly it's only one and they are weaned at about 4 years of age. They often continue to travel with the mother up to the age of ten and maintain a bond with their parents throughout their life.

Baby Flamingo


This baby bird can vie with the wildebeest for the "ugliest" baby animal pictures title because they look pretty unattractive when they are young much like most other bird species. It's only later that the ugly duckling becomes a swan.

Baby Hippo


A baby hippo weighs about 55 kg (120lb) at birth. Imagine bringing that home from the delivery room. They can swim before they can walk and drink milk from the mother hippo underwater. But even with their large bulk they are vulnerable to attack from lion, hyena and crocodile.

Zebra Foal


In zebra baby animal pictures, you will see that the young are carbon copies of their parents apart from the fact that each one has its own distinctive stripe pattern. They are very vulnerable to predator attack - lions in particular.

Wild Dog Pups

Wild Dog

African wild dog litters average about ten in size but as many as nineteen have been recorded in baby animal pictures. The whole pack is involved in the welfare of the pups for babysitting duties and bringing food back from the hunt.

Baby Giraffe


Here's one baby animal that doesn't look like an infant. Baby giraffes are usually taller than a grown man. As they are more vulnerable when young, they have to learn quickly to keep up with mum or become dinner for lion or leopard.

Baby Crocodile


Baby crocodiles have a struggle to reach maturity and only about three out of five hundred will run the gauntlet of predators and illness to reach adulthood. But once they do there is not much to threaten them.