About Us

I've been taking photographs on safari for over forty years now. The bug first bit me when my dad bought an old Pentax ME Super with a 70 - 210 manual zoom in the early nineteen eighties.

We would visit the game reserves in South Africa like the Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg and I would snap away dementedly at every animal we saw. I still do, even more so now with the advent of digital photography and I've branched out to places like Botswana and Namibia.

My love for going on a photography safari and the wilds and wildlife of Africa remains undiminished. I try to go on safari every chance I get and I have visited many of the reserves in the southern part of the African continent.

Bruce Whittaker

Awareness Of Africa

I built this website to showcase some of my and other photographers wildlife picture efforts to hopefully provide you with a small insight into the magical experience that is an African safari.

And if these wildlife pictures can spread a little awareness about Africa which might ultimately lead to the continued and improved conservation of all the wildlife there then I will consider them a success.

I've also condensed a lot of my safari photography knowledge into the "Better Safari Photography" e-book which I make available for free to anyone interested in improving their photography efforts on safari.

Bruce Whittaker

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