African Safari Pictures

These African safari pictures were all taken on safari trips. They depict the magnificent wildlife and landscape photos you can capture on a journey to the African continent.

They were taken by me and other travellers who have been lucky enough to visit the incredible national parks and game reserves that exist in Africa today using a variety of photographic equipment and techniques.

The safari pictures illustrate the astounding diversity of wildlife that exists here which you will have a good chance of seeing and photographing if you decide to go on safari yourself.

Lion Picture


Seeing this majestic cat on safari is always one of the highlights. It's quite a challenge to get African safari pictures of lions doing anything other than sleeping because they do so much lounging around. Some reserves in Africa are better than others for spotting them regularly.

Leopard Picture


The leopard is a shy and solitary creature so pictures like the one on the right are very rare. This is one of the most beautiful members of the cat family in my opinion and when you do come across them on safari it's an incredible experience that you will never forget.

Cheetah Picture


Cheetahs have to do everything quickly, even eat. Other predators like hyena and lion will regularly steal their meals so they have to wolf it down almost as fast as they can run.

Primate Picture


Chimpanzee and Gorilla numbers are dwindling rapidly in the wild because of the influence of man. Fortunately baboons, vervet monkeys and bush babies are still plentiful in many African national parks.

Elephant Picture


Photographing African elephants in the wild is an incredible experience. I've been within a stones throw of these intelligent leviathans on foot and it's guaranteed to get the heart beating faster.

Crocodile Picture


They are very successful hunters which is why they have survived since prehistoric times. This crocodile looks like it might be having goose on the menu in the near future.

Bird Picture

African Birds

Africa is blessed with a huge variety of bird life. From eagle to flamingo, ostrich, owl and vulture they all co-exist here in a photogenic flock to provide you with almost unparalleled bird pictures opportunities.

Baby Hippo Picture

Baby Animals

Which one will win the ultimate title of cutest baby animal? There are some very strong contenders here. Take a look at these baby African safari pictures and make your choice. Some of them only a mother could love.

Giraffe Picture

African Wildlife

This really is the next best thing to being on safari yourself. Taken in game reserves all over Africa of a variety of animals in all different shapes and sizes. Wildlife photos of hippo, wild dog, hyena and chameleon.

Jackal Picture


What happens when you take a camera with you to some of the best national parks in Africa? And you add a large measure of good fortune which always helps in wildlife photography. These African safari pictures are the result.

Waterbuck Bull


If some of the bigger game escape you, rest assured you will always see antelope on an African safari. They vary greatly according to habitat and behaviour but remain a pleasure to watch and photograph.

Lion Couple

Wildlife Photography

Dramatically improve your safari wildlife photography by following these guidelines and tips that I've learnt over more than forty years of visiting national parks and reserves in Africa.

And to ensure that your pictures are the best they can possibly be, why not let me do the photo editing for you once you get back from your trip.

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